No one can resist the Goldendoodle charm

Goldendoodles are exploding in popularity. People who love all kinds of dogs want one. In a fashion, doodles are the swiss army knife of dogs. To own one means having an athletic dog, a beautiful dog, an intelligent dog and a loving dog all in the same remarkable package. And, just as aficionados of various [...]

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Parris – our special mini-goldendoodle

Parris she is an f1 mini goldendoodle from Blue Ridge Puppies.  She is top agility dog in the country right now (May 23, 2013) for mixed breeds. Parris just earned her MACH 5.  Parris' official AKC name is MACH 5 Parris April Williams MXC, MJB2, MXF, TQX. She is the 2nd All American [...]

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