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Current Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale

Teacup/Toy Red Female Goldendoodle

Available for forever home on Feb 14, 2018
She is a total sweetheart and ornery all at the same time. A true love bundle!

Medium Goldendoodle pups

Available for forever home on 2-23-18!
Expected to be 30-50 pounds.

Available Females

Available Males

Standard Goldendoodle pups

Available for forever home soon 2-23-18!
Expected to be 50-75 pounds.

Available Females

Available Males

More pups are coming soon, email for info

Things To Consider When You’re Looking For a New Goldendoodle Puppy

With their affectionate personalities and teddy bear looks, falling in love with a Goldendoodle puppy takes no effort whatsoever. This is why anyone who is thinking of acquiring one should do their research prior to visiting a breeder. It’s important to make some decisions on a variety of relevant factors early in the process, which means before you have a puppy cuddling in your arms and all rational thought is gone.

Here are some key things to consider when you’re looking for a new Goldendoodle puppy: personality, size, coat type and sex. Prospective parents need to consider their preferences and determine their needs before claiming the first puppy that steals their heart.

Yard Space

Where you live can certainly factor into which size of Goldendoodle will be your best match. Do you have a lot of space for the dog to safely run outside? Is the yard currently fenced securely? Do you reside in an apartment or condo? Have you looked into the pet policy of your building? Individuals who live downtown and do not have a yard should have all of their local parks and public green spaces scouted out and a daily exercise plan in place for utilizing them.

There Are 3 Sizes of Goldendoodles 

Over the generations of crossbreeding Golden Retrievers and Poodles, with the latter offering a wide range of size options, three distinct and common Goldendoodle sizes have emerged.

Petite/Toy Goldendoodles. These are the smallest version available. They weigh in anywhere from 15 to 24 pounds. Typically, this type measures approximately 14 to 16 inches at its shoulders.

Miniature/Medium Goldendoodles. The mini measures approximately 17 to 20 inches at their shoulders and weigh up to 45 pounds.

Standard Goldendoodles. Standards are the largest size available. These dogs can weigh up to 70 pounds, although heavier doodles are not uncommon.

Think ahead about lifting your dog if you need to pick it up; the space it will take up in your home, the amount of food it will require to keep it fed — these are just some of the many questions that are related to the size of the dog you choose. Take your time evaluating your lifestyle. You want to ensure the best possible match when deciding on which kind of Goldendoodle to welcome into your family.

Personality Considerations

Some individuals prefer an “Alpha” dog that has dominant characteristics and is outgoing and fearless. Others prefer a meeker temperament for their family companion. If this is a better fit for you, ask the breeder to show you the “Beta” puppies. They are more reserved and will look to you to be the pack leader. Only you know what type of dog will best suit your situation. For example, is the dog going to be your sole companion or are you integrating the puppy into a busy, child-friendly household? Consider your setting, habits and lifestyle ahead of time so that you can choose the best personality type for your situation.

Male or Female Preference?

Some people specifically ask the breeder to only show them puppies of a particular sex. Sometimes they simply have an affinity for one over the other. In other cases they have additional pets and are trying to create a good balance within their households. If the sex of your new Goldendoodle is important to you, add this consideration to the list of factors to be decided.

Coat Type

Thanks to the low-shedding and decreased allergy reactive qualities offered by their Poodle genetics, Goldendoodles have earned a reputation as one of the better choices for allergy sufferers. And from a purely aesthetic standpoint, the coat colors and hair varieties span a wide and beautiful range. You will have a myriad of color options to choose from including: Red, Apricot, White, Tan, Gray, Black, Cream or Parti (a color-blocked mixture of these shades), with fur consisting of wavy hair, tight ringlets or straighter and fluffier coats. Enjoy having your unique and distinguished Goldendoodle join your family.

As you can see, you could potentially find a Goldendoodle available in any possible combination of size, personality type, color and coat preference. The only question is what mix of these factors do you want. Taking the time to make these decision will help you find the perfect Goldendoodle puppy for you and your lifestyle.

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