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We love receiving these notes and updates. It is so wonderful hearing from our owners!

Hi Cindy,
Oscar is doing great! He is a little bit spoiled rotten, but that’s to be expected. 🙂 He has turned out to be the best dog for our family! He has never once bitten or even growled at one of the boys if they got too rambunctious. He is so patient with all of us. And everyone who meets him loves him! And they all tell me that he looks like a little teddy bear! We absolutely love our little guy and are so glad he is part of our family! Thank you so much!


Renee Everhart

Hi Cindy,
George is going wonderfully! We love him so much. He has been so easy to train and is such a well-behaved dog with a great temperament. We say on a daily basis that he is the cutest dog that ever lived!! (I’m sure everyone says that about their dogs 🙂 You have made a believer out of my husband – I had to twist his arm for 2 years to convince him to let us a dog and now he is smitten!!!


cute-goldendoodle-puppyHi Cindy,
Just thought I’d send this picture of our little Allie.  We picked her up from you on September 5th, 2014 as we were headed for a week in the mountains.  She weighed about 3 pounds and I couldn’t believe how small she was!  She turned 2 in July and weighs 10 1/2 pounds.   She is so smart, well behaved and wonderful with the grandchildren!  We love her so much…she is perfect!!

Thanks again for our little girl!

Nancy and Steve S.
Isle of Palms, SC

Hi Cindy!

mini-apricot-goldendoodle-George--1Just wanted to send over some pictures of George. He is such a good boy and has been pretty easy to train so far.  He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over and play fetch. We absolutely love him!

Cherise N.


goldendoodle-murfree murfreee-Goldendoodle-from-BlueRidge-goldendoodlesHello Cindy,

Just want to show you a picture of our Murfee.  He is the best dog ever.  We love him so much and he also loves us a bunch. He’s fun and smart and loves to snuggle on the bed.
Thank you for such wonderful animals.  Goldendoodle are amazing…he is now 11/2 years old.

Love Ralph and Reva Kolts
Fairfield Glade, TN

Denver-toy-goldendoodleJust thought I would say a quick hello and send some more Denver pictures your way.
He’s 5 months old tomorrow! Can’t believe it. He weighs just over 5 pounds, he’s just a little ball of fluff!
He’s still the friendliest little dude, greets every person and pup wherever we are and loves when people ooh and ahh at him (which they always do).
Training has seriously been a breeze, he’s so smart, and sometimes mischievous, in the best way. My friends joke that he is either playing or sleeping.
I take way too many pictures of him, so I will send some your way. (The ones just after his baths are hilarious)
Thank you again for the most amazing pup, one day I will have a whole army of Blue Ridge pups!

Morgan H


Oscar Goldendoodle puppyHi Cindy!

Oscar has been a lot of fun.  He is mischievous, but so, so smart.  My husband has taught him a lot of tricks.  He loves to travel. He also loves people and never growls or Snaps at you if you take his toys or bones away.  He is a real lover

Kathy G


Hi Cindy!
Pippi- Goldendoodle puppyI wanted to send you a few pictures of your baby.  She is doing great!  Learning so much and so sweet.  She is very smart. She went to the dr a few days ago and is 4.2 lbs. I think she might be on the smaller side once she’s finish growing.  We love her so much and I can’t say enough good thing about how awesome you were to deal with when choosing our baby.  Thanks for everything.  And I’m sure we will see you again. Lol.

Jennifer B


Hi Cindy!
Denver-toy-Goldendoodle-puppyThought I would send you an update and some pictures of Denver!
He is the most amazing little pup. Every single person he meets just loves him, and he loves every person too! My dad, a self-proclaimed “non dog person” begs me to puppy sit.
He is 12 weeks old today, and weighed 2.5 pounds at the vet Wednesday. I’ve started some training at the house with him and he already knows “come,” “sit,” and “down.” He’s picking up house training extremely quickly and is already going to the door when he has to go. He has slept through the night since the first night, too.

denver---Goldendoodle-toy-puppyHe loves the outdoors, hiking with me, and he loves water! He tries to jump in the shower with me daily and loves baths and being blow-dried. He has befriended the neighbor’s Goldendoodle who weighs about 50 pounds, he chases after him like he’s a big dog too!
I’ve attached some pictures of him from the last month. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you again for the best little dood!
-Morgan Hertik


Hi Cindy,

Abby-GodelndoodleI wanted to send a update on our sweet Abby! She is from the March 12th litter. She is 5 months and weighs about 20 pounds. She has graduated from puppy school and In intermediate class now. She is the sweetest, most lovable, and we couldn’t of asked for a more perfect family pet!!! She just loves being with us!





Thank you so very, very much Cindy!
Earnie absolutely is “the perfect puppy”! I wouldn’t change anything about him – personality, temperament, attitude – he is simply incredible!  He did very well on the trip home – no accident or car sickness. He is cute beyond cute, incredibly smart, adjusting very well and has become a big part of this family since the moment he arrived. He had his first trip to his new vet yesterday and did very well. He weighed in at a robust 4.4 lb. and charmed the entire staff. We love him dearly!


Hey Cindy,

Mini-goldendoodle-Rocky Rocky-1--mini-GoldendoodleJust wanted to send you a quick update on Rocky. He’s doing great, he’s really catching on to the potty training and having very very few accidents inside. Of course our kids absolutely love him and he has definitely become a part of our family. We are so thankful that we found you guys and were able to get Rocky and bring him home. Have a good weekend
The Walkers


Hi, Cindy.

chsitmas doodleWe haven’t written in a while, so we wanted to send you this holiday greeting from Oban and his family in Oak Park, Illinois.

Oban is almost three years old now (birthday December 27), and is the absolutely most wonderful family dog we could ever have imagined.  He is loving, smart, trainable, and so much fun!  Not to mention incredibly handsome.  He has truly been a blessing to us.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jonathan, Anne, Montgomery & Oban
Oak Park, IL


Hi Cindy!

photo 1photo 2I just wanted to check in and tell you that we are so in love with this precious pup!! We celebrated her first birthday on September 10th and today- she was a hit at the first grade pet show! She is a love-bug- the best snuggler ever and I don’t know how she could possibly get more attention and love because everyone in this family adores her!! Since all three of my girls are in school now, she and I have such a special bond because we spend so much time together during the day. She knows our routes for our morning walks and afternoons walks and follows me around the house during the day- and I love it!! What great company! She has the sweetest temperament and has stolen all of our hearts!! Thank you for sending her to us… Don’t know what we would do without her!!


StanleyHi Cindy,

Wanted to send you a current picture of Stanley.  I can’t begin to tell you how much l love him.  He is so affectionate, sweet, fun and smart. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful puppy.  He does like toilet paper but we can work with that.   Thank you for raising him!  I’ll send more updates again but I wanted you to know that I have out your info and just how happy I am to have Stanley!!
Hope all is well

Winston-Florida-TripHi Cindy,

Just wanted to check in and let you know Winston is doing great! He just graduated from puppy school and we celebrated by taking him to Florida for a week long vacation! He did great in the car and is responding well to training commands. We are so in love with him and can’t thank you enough for breeding such a sweet, loving, smart puppy!


maggie-BelleCindy –

Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Maggie Belle…. She is 1 yrs old today! I cannot tell you how much joy and happiness she had brought to our home!! She is my best friend!! Love her sooo much!! Thanks for
raising such a sweet puppy!!
Beth Bryant



Cindy –
I’ve been meaning to do this for quite a while. My parents took in our family’s Goodendoodle, Boomer, from you guys back in 2005 and I received Tucker from you in May of 2012. These two guys are the best. They quickly felt each other out and Boomer decided Tucker was allowed to stick around (albeit as long as he followed Boomer’s rules.) They are the best two dogs any family could ask for.
In the summer of 2005, Boomer snuggled with my mom through her cancer and chemo and now he is doing the same for my father as he was recently diagnosed with cancer and currently undergoing chemo treatments He’s a 70 pound lap dog. My Tucker is helping me through grad school and is my constant study and cuddle buddy.
These dogs are more then just pets, they are truly family and I can’t wait for the chance to get Tucker a brother or sister in the next few years from you again. Thank you for everything!!
Mary Sabo

Thanks again for raising such a wonderful pup. Sailor has brought just the most unique and bright light into our lives. Everyone who has met him has just fallen in love! He is so smart and sweet. Today we played in the water a bit. We are trying to get him slowly acclimated to the water here on the coast. He was a sport! The last two photos were taken tonight right before bed time. I just wanted to let you know that things could not be going better and that because of what you love to do, I have found my life long best friend. Thank you
Just wanted to send you a recent picture of Maggie Belle…. She is 1 yrs old today! I cannot tell you how much joy and happiness she had brought to our home!! She is my best friend!! Love her sooo much!! Thanks for
raising such a sweet puppy!!

– Amanda Lloyd

winston the goldendoodleWe adore our new puppy, Winston! He is SO smart!! He has taken beautifully to potty training and has not yet had an accident in the house. He knows what to do when we take him outside and is even beginning to let us know when he needs to go outside. Of course, we are all over it as well!!
He has already learned to sit, to come (not reliably) and “down”(lie down on the floor). He has met a ton of people in the neighborhood – many stop by as we are out there playing or going to the bathroom. Of course, he is so cute they just can’t help but stop by and greet him. He saw his reflection yesterday in the glass on our entertainment center and barked at himself. It was hilarious!! He is a serious snuggler and a little clown!!
We had decided to let him sleep with us the first night, but he fell asleep in his crate first and we decided not to wake him up. He slept all night without any whining!! We could not believe it. Last night was not as smooth, but it turned out he just needed to go outside again and then he settled down. He is just a little cottonball of joy!!

– Nancy Sigerson

I just wanted to send you a quick update on our Goldendoodle Pippa. She was born Jan 1, 2012 from the Lexus and Parker Litter (Red Collar).
She is just a wonderful, joyful snuggly puppy! We get stopped all of the time when we are out and about. People want to know all about her and pet her (I’ve given out your website a number of times!).
She did great in puppy kindergarten and is very easy to train. Her favorite activities include playing fetch (all the time), swimming, dog park, meeting as many people as possible on walks, riding in the car and snuggling in our bed. Thank you for our beautiful puppy. She brings us so much joy and we can’t imagine a better first dog/child.
-Lia & Sean Davidson

My husband just said this morning that I should email you! 🙂
She is wonderful!! We are completely smitten! She did great on the drive home (did not get sick at all and slept most of the way). She slept with us in bed that night and was a perfect bed fellow, only getting up once in the night to potty! The next night she slept in her crate in our room and hardly complained! You were right!
I bought an exercise pen for her to hang out in with us in the kitchen/family room and the little stinker can climb out of it! It’s only 24inches high, so I think I need to return it and get the 36in one. The kids love running and playing with her and she is super cuddly when she is worn out.
I took her to the vet today and I have to admit, my head is swimming a little with all the stuff (remember, I have never raised a dog before….only three children–ha!), but I’m sure I will get it straight. The vet pronounced Nattie to be in perfect health!
My daughter really, really liked meeting you. She said you were so sweet and she felt a little sad to be taking Nattie from you and her big family there. Please know that she is so loved here. I see little changes in my kids with the addition of Nattie to our family. They are a little more compassionate toward each other…it’s so nice! She has made us all slow down a little and enjoy each other. She is a little blessing! Thank you!
I will attempt to attach a photo of everyone (except me — must do that soon!) holding her that I posted on Facebook. I am hoping that we can get someone to snap a photo of the entire family for a Christmas card. I’ll send one to you when we finally get around to it!
Take care!

Hi Cindy,
Ok, he is such a great pup and is doing just fantastic. Crate training coming along nicely, he has mastered most of the stairs in the house, has learned click for treat, and we are working on retrieving a little ball right now which he pretty much got right away. He is very spoiled and loved by all of us. He does great on a leash and loves to bring back leaf trophies for snacks after a walk. For the most part he doesn’t make a peep, just had his first little bark today when we were playing outside tonight. Loves to sleep under our sofa which he is not going to be able to fit too much longer.
Hope his sister found a home as well, our friends that were interested decided that they just did not have the time necessary for taking care of a puppy right now.
Till next update,

Cindy, I hope our Christmas card made its way to your house this year as intended. As you can tell, our boys (Tyler and Wynn) are smitten with the giant puppy! Lexus might send them home tiny, but that doesn’t last long! LOL! Just wanted to let you know that we have had SO many inquiries about him, his breed, and the breeder! Hopefully soon, additional referral business will come your way from Fort Mill, SC!
I also wanted to take a quick moment and let you know that Stryker is getting neutered on Friday. I no longer have a fax, but will email or mail you the documentation in order to fulfill our contractual obligations. While I feel the process is very beneficial as a whole, I hate that my sweet baby is going to have surgery! Booo! But, they will also microchip him, and remove the inner ear hair (I swear he can’t hear sometimes)!
Thank you again for letting us be a part of your puppy family! He is a rock star dog! So stinkin’ intelligent and an awesome fit for our family!
Rachel Johnson

Hi Cindy,
This dog is just amazing. She is growing at the speed of light and her coat is darkening just as you said. I know why you hesitate to put puppies out of doors! They get into everything. I watch her like a hawk. She has the sweetest disposition. She is a little rough with the baby but we are working with her. She has such a familiar disposition, it is almost as though our last dog sent her to us. I cannot tell you how much I adore her. She sleeps under the covers with her head on her own pillow. She is rotten! Still working on potty training. She will get it, but when she gets excited she has little ability to hold it. I will send pics soon.

Hi Cindy,
Lexie is still doing great. She is much loved and recently made Facebook at the pet spa ( You can see her there. I have been asked many times where to buy a mini golden doodle and respond with your web site. I remember Fireball but who was the other parent? She is beautiful and they love her calm disposition.

He is absolutely in LOVE. He named him twitchy, and he is just perfect!
He is so smart, hasn’t had a single accident inside since we picked him up, and he doesn’t mind all of sage’s loud beeping medical therapy equipment. He actually kind of likes all the shaking my son’s therapy vest does!
Twitchy is the perfect dog for Sage, and he will go on to do great things. We will start his service training in about 4-5 weeks 🙂
We can’t thank you enough!!!!

Cindy, we are so happy with Boomer! Seems like we’ve had him for months and he’s already a family favorite. He is so smart, never barks, doesn’t fight going to sleep in his crate in our bedroom, never pees in the house & goes potty every time we take him out!
I don’t know what else to say but that he’s perfect for us!! Thank you!

Banjo adapted quickly with eating, sleeping, and car rides. We have been playing outside as much as possible to get exercise and learn manners with my outdoor cat. He is a real joy and has filled my heart with extra love.
Wendy and Greg have fallen in love with him and he was invited to their house 2 nights…
He is napping in his crate and seems fine with it….
We are working on sit and come. He has done amazingly well.
Tomorrow will be his first trip to the vet. Will let you know how it goes.
You are such an excellent breeder and and the perfect Nana Cindy!!!
I will stay in touch.
Thank you!!!!!

I have known and worked with Cindy of Blue Ridge Puppies for many years. The puppies I’ve gotten from her have been wonderful with great personalities and in excellent health. I highly recommend them and frequently refer people to their website.
Nicole – Blazing Star Doodles

I have one of Cindy’s dogs and he’s the best. He came well socialized and outgoing. Cindy’s an incredible breeder and cares about her dogs. I have recommended her many times to anyone looking for a quality doodle.
Niki –

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