Why do you sell Goldendoodle puppies?

//Why do you sell Goldendoodle puppies?

Why do you sell Goldendoodle puppies?

Blue Ridge Goldendoodles is a family business. We mean that in a much greater sense than just the fact that our Suit family runs it. The doodles we breed are considered members of our family, which is why their well-being is always our number one concern. The goldendoodle puppies that are born are members of our family too, which is why we hand raise them and only release them to pre-screened and approved owners.

By the same token, the owners we deal with also become members of our extended Blue Ridge family. We bond through the wonderful canine companions they receive from us. Sending a puppy into a new home is a bit like having a son or daughter marry into another family. They’ll always be yours, but you understand that now they’re someone else’s too and you’re happy about it.

The great majority of our owners feel the same bond we do. It’s why they love to send us written updates and pictures of their pups as they grow and mature through the years. They are so proud of the way their Blue Ridge Goldendoodles puppies have turned out and they want us to see it and share in the joy. We are always delighted to see what’s become of our pups and witness just how much happiness they have brought to another family like our own.

At its base, this work is about connecting with these amazingly intelligent and sensitive animals and then with other families and individuals through them. It’s incredibly fulfilling and we want to thank everyone in the extended Blue Ridge Goldendoodles family for their continued love and support for this wonderful crossbreed we all love so much.

If you’re interested in making a Blue Ridge Goldendoodle the newest member of your family, fill out our online puppy application to get the ball rolling.

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I own and operate Blue Ridge Goldendoodles with my husband Jeff. We have been professional dog breeders for 15 years, starting with Labrador Retrievers then changing to English Creme Golden Retrievers before evolving into English Creme Goldendoodles also known as Teddybear Goldendoodles.We are proud to say that all of our puppies are born and raised in our home with our three children. Being raised with our family insures the puppies are highly socialized and exposed to different environments. This also allows us to interact and get to know the puppies individually.All our breeding dogs either live with us in our home or in guardian/foster homes. Please check out our website and get to know us and our dogs.