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I own and operate Blue Ridge Goldendoodles with my husband Jeff. We have been professional dog breeders for 15 years, starting with Labrador Retrievers then changing to English Creme Golden Retrievers before evolving into English Creme Goldendoodles also known as Teddybear Goldendoodles. We are proud to say that all of our puppies are born and raised in our home with our three children. Being raised with our family insures the puppies are highly socialized and exposed to different environments. This also allows us to interact and get to know the puppies individually. All our breeding dogs either live with us in our home or in guardian/foster homes. Please check out our website and get to know us and our dogs.

There are Three Basic Types of Goldendoodle Coats


Goldendoodles continue to explode in popularity due to their loving nature, intelligence and beauty. The fact that they come in a variety of sizes and wide range of appearance doesn't hurt either. You can practically find one that seems made [...]

There are Three Basic Types of Goldendoodle Coats2022-09-20T22:29:46-04:00

The Common Goldendoodle Sizes — Which Is Best For You?


Through the careful, planned mixing of their Poodle and Golden Retriever lines, Goldendoodles now come in a welcome range of sizes. This allows you to get the perfect dog in small, medium and large variations. The first one we’ll look [...]

The Common Goldendoodle Sizes — Which Is Best For You?2022-09-20T22:29:15-04:00

The Qualities That Make Goldendoodles So Popular


The decision to get a dog requires careful consideration. It may seem obvious why you want one, but you still need to think about it -- especially true if you have a family. Your loved ones may have different reasons [...]

The Qualities That Make Goldendoodles So Popular2022-09-20T22:27:49-04:00

Should I Get a Goldendoodle? Useful Info To Help You Decide


Are you a total animal lover? Have you been thinking about bringing a pup home soon? Well, this post is just what you need if you've been considering a Goldendoodle for your new addition. For several reasons, Goldendoodles have become [...]

Should I Get a Goldendoodle? Useful Info To Help You Decide2022-09-20T22:29:00-04:00

Why do Goldendoodles make Great Therapy Dogs?


Therapy dogs have to be extra special. They carry a huge amount of responsibility for their owners, helping them with a multitude of tasks for their daily living activities. Keeping their companions safe and secure is part of what makes [...]

Why do Goldendoodles make Great Therapy Dogs?2022-09-20T22:28:34-04:00

Our Winston


Hi Cindy, Just wanted to give you an update on Winston.  He is doing fabulously well!  He is truly the best dog in the world!  He is so is unbelievable how smart he is.  We have had him just [...]

Our Winston2022-09-20T22:28:11-04:00

Parris – our special mini-goldendoodle


Parris she is an f1 mini goldendoodle from Blue Ridge Puppies.  She is top agility dog in the country right now (May 23, 2013) for mixed breeds. Parris just earned her MACH 5.  Parris' official AKC name is [...]

Parris – our special mini-goldendoodle2024-01-10T00:48:05-05:00
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