Why do Goldendoodles make great therapy dogs?

Therapy dogs have to be extra special. They carry a huge amount of responsibility for their owners, helping them with a multitude of tasks for their daily living activities. Keeping their companions safe and secure is part of what makes therapy dogs so amazing. It is essential to choose the right breed when you are [...]

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Dozer the Goldendoodle raises awareness and spirits

[youtube id="-vgGR_uiEks" width="600" height="350"] As their owners will readily tell you, Goldendoodles have the uncanny ability to steal the spotlight everywhere they go. One four-legged runner named Dozer surprised everyone -- and became a sensation -- when he invited himself to join a half marathon for cancer in 2011. The romping doodle finished the race [...]

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Why are Goldendoodles so popular?

  It’s no wonder that Goldendoodles are so incredibly popular these days. They possess four key traits that make them the perfect canine companion in the eyes of many dog lovers. Let’s take a closer look at these prized qualities, that top breeders like ourselves always seek to reinforce through caring, selective mating. Temperament. Doodles [...]

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What are the common Goldendoodle sizes?

Dog lovers come in all shapes and sizes but their individual lifestyles are often particularly suited for owning a dog of a specific shape and size. With a Goldendoodle this is no problem because they run the gamut in stature. Best of all, whether you opt for the large, medium or small version, they all [...]

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Parris – our special mini-goldendoodle

Parris she is an f1 mini goldendoodle from Blue Ridge Puppies.  She is top agility dog in the country right now (May 23, 2013) for mixed breeds. Parris just earned her MACH 5.  Parris' official AKC name is MACH 5 Parris April Williams MXC, MJB2, MXF, TQX. She is the 2nd All American [...]

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