Are Goldendoodles lap dogs?


Yes — for better and for worse, since it’s true for every size Goldendoodle. Whether your canine companion is a five-pound teacup or a 100-pound standard, they will see themselves as equally small and act accordingly. If that sounds the [...]

Are Goldendoodles lap dogs?2022-06-06T01:39:56-04:00

Do Goldendoodles get attached to one person?


Goldendoodles are extremely affectionate dogs who love to give and receive outward signs of love. They have the propensity to become more attached to one person, but their drive for attention prevents them from limiting their interactions in this way. [...]

Do Goldendoodles get attached to one person?2022-06-06T01:39:36-04:00

What’s the typical lifespan of a Goldendoodle?


While this is an impossible question to answer with any specificity, the average lifespan of a Goldendoodle is calculated to be between 10 and 15 years. Anecdotally, we’ve seen that our Blue Ridge Goldendoodles typically fall within this range, but [...]

What’s the typical lifespan of a Goldendoodle?2022-06-06T01:49:06-04:00

Are Goldendoodles appropriate for apartment living?


Yes, Goldendoodles are a very adaptable breed that can thrive in all residential settings. Whether they’re being raised in a townhouse or on a working cattle ranch, the blend of personality traits drawn from the Golden Retriever and the Poodle [...]

Are Goldendoodles appropriate for apartment living?2022-06-06T01:38:38-04:00

What is an F2?


In genetics, an F2 means a second generation cross, or a cross that is 2 generations away from the original parent breeds. There are 2 ways to get to the second generation. One is to breed an F1 Labradoodle to [...]

What is an F2?2022-06-06T01:44:27-04:00
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