About our breeding dogs:


Our breeding dams and sires live in guardian homes with their owners. The dogs in our breeding program are the foundation of our success. We are very particular about their well-being and quality of life, which is why we require that they all be members of loving families. Our breeding dogs live in their owners’ homes as typical American house pets and enjoy normal, happy and healthy lives. We make certain that they are bred at a standard and pace that does not overtax — the health of the pet always comes first.

When the time of birth nears, each expectant mother comes to stay at our home so we can monitor the labor and delivery. We want the process to go as safely and smoothly as possible for both the mother and offspring. Afterward, the pups are raised with the dam and socialized with our family and children. Once all health checks have been passed and the puppies are ready for adoption, they are released to their pre-screened loving families. The dam is returned to her owner’s home, where she resumes her life as a beloved family pet.

*Note: If you are interested in being part of our guardian program and live within 100 miles of Sevierville, TN, email us.

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