Goldendoodle Diet – Some Do’s And Don’ts of Feeding

//Goldendoodle Diet – Some Do’s And Don’ts of Feeding

Goldendoodle Diet – Some Do’s And Don’ts of Feeding

Like children, Goldendoodles need a healthy diet in order to grow strong and remain active. But unlike our kids, some of the foods we commonly eat and consider nutritious can be hazardous or even deadly for our doodles. It’s important to be aware of these foods, since your dog may be missing out on a very good source of nutrition, or at risk of eating something that could put their life at risk.

The following post breaks down some of the common foods that are safe and unsafe for your Goldendoodle:

Can dogs eat grapes? 20 foods you need to know about

We love sharing parts of our day with our dogs—from midday walks to bedtime routines—our dogs play a special part in the every day. This includes meal time, and while most owners stick to a regimented feeding schedule, there is always time for a special treat.

You probably already know that chocolate is a big no-no, but what about other meats, fruits and vegetables? For example, did you know honey is actually a beneficial treat to help dogs ward off pollen allergies? Or that frozen blueberries can cool your dog off during a hot summer day?
To help you figure out foods dogs can’t eat, DogVacay created a comprehensive guide of the 50 most troublesome human foods.

Here’s a breakdown of the 20 biggest stumpers… Read full post at Dogs Best Life…

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With the obvious exception of the harmful items listed above, Goldendoodles gain a lot of nutritional value from vegetables, so it is wise to make them a part of your dog’s diet. Kimberly is a dog owner who came up with her own veggie mix for her dogs. She shares her experience in the post below:

Common Questions Asked About My Veggie Mix

I have been making my own veggie mix for several months now and it’s gained a lot of attention from people across the country who want to add fresh, organic vegetables and fruit to their dog’s diet.  I often get the same questions repeatedly and I thought it would be fun to answer them in a blog post.

When one person has the question, you can bet many others do as well. Read full post at Keep The Tail Wagging…


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Another sensitive area when it comes to a healthy Goldendoodle diet is dog treats. You can easily be overwhelmed with the vast options at the store, so it helps to have some sort of criteria for determining what is healthy for your dog. The following post discusses this in greater detail from a veterinarian’s point of view:

Vet Recommended Safe Dog Treats for Snacking

Take a walk down the aisles of any “big-box” pet store and you will be overwhelmed by all the dog treats that are available for our canine companions. Selecting the ones that are best for your dog can be difficult. Reading the labels to find safe dog treats can get tiresome and with all the pet treat recalls, you may not know what brands to trust.

You will be surprised to find out that most veterinarians don’t necessarily recommend any dog treats that are specifically made for dogs. Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any high quality safe dog treats on the shelves at pet stores, it simply means that you will find a much healthier option in the isles of a grocery store. Read full post at Top Dog Tips…

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With just a little investigating, you should have no problem coming up with a healthy diet for your Goldendoodle. Just remember to make changes to your dog’s diet gradually. They often don’t respond well to sudden food changes. From the very start, find out what your new puppy is being fed and maintain the same diet for a while. Then, change it over time if necessary by adding increasing amounts of new food to the original food until the switch is complete.

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