A Goldendoodle can be a wonderful companion for you and other members of your family because they have such a friendly personality and joyous temperment. In addition to being active and energetic, the Goldendoodle is also affectionate and gentle, and can easily cheer you up when you feel down.

The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, both of these breeds are known to be smart, quick learners. You can expect to have an intelligent dog in your home when you go for a Goldendoodle.  The following is the firsthand account of someone who has enjoyed the company of a doodle:

Seriously, Goldendoodles Are The Best Dogs Ever.

If you are looking for a dog that is low-to-no shedding, smart, and loving, you will want to consider Goldendoodles as a breed of choice. These dogs are pricey, so plan on spending $2,000 or more. For me, my dogs were worth every single penny (and more)!

My first Goldendoodle, McCartney, is a very SMART dog! She loves to work hard and please me during training. McCartney and I have THAT bond and we make a great team. We took three classes together: puppy manners, adolescent manners, adult manners and Canine Good Citizen (CGC). Due to their loving nature, Goldendoodles make excellent service or therapy dogs. A therapy dog is trained to provide affection to people in nursing homes or hospitals. They also provide comfort to people who have undergone traumatic or stressful situations.

Blueridge Goldendoodles goldendoodle great service dog

Goldendoodles can provide much-needed love to people who may have learning or other disabilities. The following post provides a clue of just how effectively a doodle can provide therapy:

Girl With Rett Syndrome Receives Goldendoodle Service Dog From Make-A-Wish

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -There’s a new set of best friends in Beaverton, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The organization matched up an 8-year-old girl with a new dog.

The goldendoodle named Rey is no ordinary pup. Rey is a trained service dog who will help Hailey be more independent.

Hailey has a rare disorder called Rett Syndrome that affects her nervous system.

Her family said her bond with the dog was immediately clear to them.

Goldendoodles can be trained to provide a range of services; from giving support to individuals with balance issues, to responding accordingly when their owners experience a seizure. To add to that, the best thing about a doodle may just be its sheer desire to please its owner.

Blueridge Goldendoodles goldendoodle great service dog

Goldendoodles can be extremely useful in stress alleviation, as explained in the following post:

Therapy Goldendoodle Brings Stress Relief To Appleton Officers

APPLETON, Wis. – The Appleton Police Department’s new method of dealing with job stress has four legs and a lot of fur.

Chief Todd Thomas says the main assignment of the latest recruit – a 3-month-old Goldendoodle named Blue – is to lift the spirits of his department’s employees.

Thomas told WLUK-TV that right now Blue is a rookie and needs training and certification. Blue attended his first class at the Fox Valley Humane Association on Wednesday. Once he’s ready, Blue can also be used in the community. Thomas says officers may take him to schools, to hospitals and to situations where child may be dealing with trauma. Read more at Channel 3000…

The obvious benefits of having a Goldendoodle as a family dog, a therapy dog or simply as your friend are indisputable.

Blueridge Goldendoodles goldendoodle great service dog

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