Why Goldendoodles Are Such A Hit On Instagram

//Why Goldendoodles Are Such A Hit On Instagram

Why Goldendoodles Are Such A Hit On Instagram

If there’s one thing that’s true about Goldendoodles, it’s that they bring a lot of fun into the lives of their owners. With their amazing temperament, they are great companions and make every day a lot more enjoyable for their forever families.

It’s no wonder the breed is steadily increasing in popularity, and having a Goldendoodle puppy is becoming the in-thing for a lot of people. In fact, Goldendoodles are so adorable, these three have already claimed quite a following on social media:


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

These goldendoodles are best friends — and lucky for us, they take a lot of pics

What’s better than a goldendoodle wearing a party hat, you ask?

Three goldendoodles wearing party hats. Yes. Three.

But this isn’t a Photoshopped meme or the plot of a Disney movie. It’s real life, people. And as if the word “goldendoodle” alone wasn’t enough to give you a cuteness conniption, these ones have best friends and birthday parties… Read full post at Today.com…

cute-goldendoodle-puppyThe above post only goes to show how proud Goldendoodle owners are. Of course, they have a lot to brag about when it comes to this wonderful hybrid dog. Goldendoodles are very intelligent, emotionally sensitive, highly sociable and offer great companionship. In fact, they don’t like to be left alone, and are happiest when everyone’s home.

Let’s look at how another owner has turned his Goldendoodle into a social media star. Christopher Cline was not especially fond of dogs, but when he moved to Minnesota, he grew pretty homesick. Sensing just how much her photographer boyfriend was in need of companionship, Christopher’s girlfriend took a risk and brought him the best present he would never ask for – a Goldendoodle.

Although he wasn’t too enthusiastic at first, Christopher soon fell in love with his new best friend Juji. Juji even became a source of inspiration for him, and he’s also gained quite a following online with his surprising choice of photography.

Your Dog Might Be Big, But It’s Got Nothing on This Guy’s Goldendoodle

The average size of a Goldendoodle (the delightful product of a Golden Retriever/Poodle love story) is about 30 – 45 pounds. Chris Cline’s Goldendoodle, Juji, looks to be about 500. Our favorite theories are radioactive kibble and poodle steroid use, respectively, but Photoshop is also a possibility.

This possibility is even more likely given that Minnesotan Cline is a Photoshop expert. The artist makes a living by crafting portraits of dog enthusiasts and their mega-sized pooches, and his own Instagram account is his biggest advertisement. Read full post at Zimbio.com…

Samson is yet another Goldendoodle who’s made it to the Instagram hall of fame:

Why Samson the Goldendoodle is Breaking the Internet

Dogs of Instagram. We love you. You make us smile and giggle in our cubicles and bring us so much joy.

There is one curly-haired dog in particular, though, that we’d like to highlight because not only is he #breakingtheinternet but he also happens to be #VeryTandC.

Meet @SamsontheDood, the Canadian Aquarius goldendoodle who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Read more at Town and Country Mag…


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