Peitite Goldendoodle

Petite Goldendoodle Lilly

It’s common knowledge that dogs have been bred over the centuries to perform certain tasks. The same is true for the miniature Goldendoodle. The idea behind the Goldendoodle was to produce a dog that was suitable as a therapy dog, while at the same time having a lesser tendency to shed. (Bear in mind, however, that some Goldendoodles do in fact shed, with the F1 Goldendoodle having a slightly greater tendency to shed than the F1B. We breed both types here at Blue Ridge Goldendoodles.)

The petite and miniature varieties were established so all of the wonderful traits of the Goldendoodle could be enjoyed in smaller packages. The petite Goldendoodle can weigh from 12 to 18 pounds. They are produced by breeding a male toy Poodle with a female Golden Retriever. The mini Goldendoodle can reach 35 pounds at the top end of the spectrum, while the standard Goldendoodle can easily weigh 50 pounds or greater.

None of these varieties are pure blood dogs, of course. They are considered by the AKC to be a “designer” breed, and, as such, are not able to be registered with them. There are some smaller kennel clubs that will register a Goldendoodle, however, whatever the size, so if this is something that is important to you, you can find them on the internet. You can also check with us here at Blue Ridge Goldendoodles and we will provide you with more information.

Returning to the topic of size, it should be said that good breeders know their dogs. And while it is never 100 percent certain what any breeder will end up with, they generally have a good idea of the size their pups will be when grown. With a little due diligence on your part, primarily in choosing the right breeder, you will be well on your way to finding the Goldendoodle puppy that is the dog of your dreams.

When you are looking for a petite Goldendoodle, you need to research whether you want  the “teddy bear” variety or an English Goldendoodle. (See the link at the bottom of this page for details on the English Goldendoodle.) You need to decide whether a little shedding or none at all is an important difference to you. Coat color will be another consideration and there is a wide variety among Goldendoodles just as their are among their Poodle parents. Colors include red, black, chocolate, apricot, creme (English Goldendoodle) and parti (two-toned). Blue Ridge Goldendoodles breeds for the full spectrum of colors so we can help you find the puppy you’re looking for.

Just remember that whatever their size, all Goldendoodles require regular grooming to keep their coats healthy and plenty of exercise and play to remain in top physical and mental condition.