Take Care Of Your Goldendoodle’s Teeth

//Take Care Of Your Goldendoodle’s Teeth

Take Care Of Your Goldendoodle’s Teeth

One of the dog care tasks a lot of pet owners perform infrequently is brushing their dogs’ teeth. What they don’t realize is that gum disease affects most dogs by the time they turn three. The simple solution is to take better care of your dog’s teeth.

Having the right attitude about your Goldendoodle’s dental care is the first step to maintaining their dental health. If you’re like most people, brushing your dog’s teeth sounds like a chore you’d rather avoid. You may have even given one of the following excuses for not doing it at some point:

5 Excuses I Use for Not Brushing My Dogs’ Teeth

Every morning, my two dogs follow me into my tiny bathroom. My little Jack Russell mix, Marshmallow, knows that I’ll clean her face, washing away the brown gunk that stains her eyes. GhostBuster, my gigantic Lab–Golden mix, squeezes in with us so I can clean his ears, check for new hotspots, apply ointments to his itchy skin, and give him the prescription pill that keeps his allergies at bay. When I look into the mirror, I see a pretty good pet parent starting back at me, but when I reach for my toothbrush I feel a pang of guilt. I take good care of my own teeth, but I never brush my dogs’ teeth. Read full post at Dogster…


Most Goldendoodle owners assume that brushing their dog’s teeth on a regular basis is not necessary. Now that you know it is, just how often should you brush your Goldendoodle’s teeth? According to vets, about once a day:

300 good reasons to brush your dog’s teeth: Vets recommend cleaning at least once a day after research finds just a third of owners bother to do so

Next time you take Fido out for a walk, don’t forget to brush his teeth first.

Vets say Britain’s dog owners are risking the health of their pets by failing to keep their teeth clean, according to a new report published today.

Two-thirds of vets recommend brushing your pet’s teeth every day. While one in seven (14 per cent) suggest cleaning a dog’s teeth twice a day, like we do our own teeth. Read full post at Daily Mail…


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The next important question is how to go about brushing your Goldendoodle’s teeth. Bear in mind that brushing your dog’s teeth is quite different from brushing your own. For instance, you can’t use human toothpaste. Regular toothpaste contains xylitol, which can be toxic to your Goldendoodle and cause stomach upset.

Fortunately, there are toothpastes specially formulated for dogs. They even come flavoured, which your dog will enjoy. The following post offers more advice on how to brush your Goldendoodle’s teeth:

How To Brush A Dog’s Teeth

My dog won’t let me brush his teeth. What should I do to keep his teeth clean and healthy?


If your dog is not a fan of teeth brushing, don’t give up hope yet! From a dog’s perspective, having his/her teeth brushed is not a natural thing. We shouldn’t expect that all dogs will take to teeth brushing easily — some just have to get used to the idea!

Training your dog to the toothbrush is no different than leash training. It takes time, patience and ensuring that each step is perceived as enjoyable and non-threatening by your pet. Be sure to load on the praise and don’t move to the next step unless your dog seems comfortable with it. Read full post at DogTime…


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Brushing your Goldendoodle’s teeth can actually be an enjoyable time for both you and your canine companion if you approach it with the right attitude and take it slow at the start. Offer lots of praise and show effusive enthusiasm, and soon enough you can both look forward to bonding over your brushing sessions.

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