Why are Goldendoodles so popular?

//Why are Goldendoodles so popular?

Why are Goldendoodles so popular?


It’s no wonder that Goldendoodles are so incredibly popular these days. They possess four key traits that make them the perfect canine companion in the eyes of many dog lovers. Let’s take a closer look at these prized qualities, that top breeders like ourselves always seek to reinforce through caring, selective mating.

Temperament. Doodles are extremely loving dogs. Regardless of their size, they very often see themselves as lap dogs. They love to cuddle and give and receive lots of affection with their human companions. This inherent sweet spirit is what makes the Goldendoodle a common candidate for therapy dog training.

Intelligence. The poodle is generally considered the smartest of all dog breeds. The golden retriever ranks in the top five. When you pair the two it produces a pup of great intelligence and emotional intuition. So much so, you’ll find that many Goldendoodle owners talk to their dogs like they talk to their children — and swear the doodles understand and listen better.

Athleticism. A desire to be active makes the Goldendoodle an ideal playmate or activity partner. This breed loves to run, jump and quite often swim. They make an excellent and always willing companion for walking the neighborhood, love to chase a ball in the park and will match lively children step for step until all are completely tuckered out.

Beauty. Let’s cut straight to the chase: Goldendoodles are gorgeous. Their aesthetic perfection is the first thing that catches everyone’s eye. As doodle owners worldwide can attest, it’s the look that compels people to stop and ask about and gush over this breed. Sometimes walking one in public feels a bit like strolling with a celebrity due to the attention it brings.

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