Therapy dogs have to be extra special. They carry a huge amount of responsibility for their owners, helping them with a multitude of tasks for their daily living activities. Keeping their companions safe and secure is part of what makes therapy dogs so amazing. It is essential to choose the right breed when you are considering working, living and sharing such an extensive part of your life with a dog.

Goldendoodles make an excellent choice as far as therapy dogs go. They are a robust, crossbreed available in a variety of sizes, which makes them ideal for those living in care facilities, apartments and condo buildings as well as detached homes.

These highly social dogs are extremely smart. Their reputation for being easy to train is well-earned. Goldendoodles are an ideal choice for teaching all of the critical skills that go into being a therapy dog. These dogs aim to please and will do almost anything to enjoy loving attention and positive feedback. As a social breed, they do well in busy and noisy environments and thrive in places that give them lots of exercise and attention.

Goldendoodles were initially bred to be hypoallergenic therapy dogs. No dogs are truly hypoallergenic, but due to their non-shedding or low-shedding coats, Goldendoodles are considered one of the best breeds for allergy sufferers. They can be ideal helpers for kids and individuals who have asthma and other respiratory issues, as they tend to shed much less and be less reactive than most other breeds.

Qualities of a Great Therapy Dog

  • Intelligence
  • Desire to please
  • Easy to train
  • Attentive
  • Loyal
  • Social
  • Gentle nature
  • Patience
  • Great with kids and crowds
  • Ability to focus in chaotic environments

Goldendoodles fit the bill for both personality and behavior traits when it comes to selecting a breed that will be reliable for owners with special needs. Having a well-trained, confident and attentive dog by your side to help provide stability and security is essential for people of all ages with a myriad of health concerns. Choosing a breed that sheds less and triggers fewer allergic responses is a bonus for the dog owner and the people who are exposed to the dog everywhere the pair goes.

Having a boisterous dog or one who leaves a trail of people sneezing in its wake is not conducive to relying on public transportation or being out and about in public areas. With your own special needs requiring your time and energy throughout the day, worrying about your therapy dog should not be an added demand on your daily living. You need a dog that you can trust to obey when you give voice or hand commands and who follows its training fully in situations where you aren’t able to give direction.

It is a huge commitment to invite a therapy dog into your life, however, the emotional and physical rewards are priceless when you find the right one. In addition, relatives and friends often have more peace of mind knowing that their loved one has a trustworthy companion to help them enjoy a better quality of life.

Here at Blue Ridge Goldendoodles we have been breeding second-to-none puppies for a decade and a half. Over the years our dogs have excelled as therapy dogs, agility champions and loving family members. We have pups available now but they will go quickly. If you want to add one or more to your household, fill out our online puppy application to begin the process. You will find the “Application” tab among the list on the right side of this page.